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Which Type of Aluminum Boat is Right for You?

While aluminum boats are a popular choice for various applications throughout BC, it can be difficult to determine which type of aluminum boat is right for you. As a leading provider of aluminum boats for all types of users, the team at Bridgeview Marine knows how difficult it can be to choose a vessel that is perfectly suited to your needs, preferences, and budget. That is why we have compiled some information on 6 popular types of aluminum boats to help you make an informed decision.

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5 Popular Types of Aluminum Boats

The following types of aluminum boats are widely utilized throughout BC:

1. Centre Console

As referenced by their name, centre console boats feature a helm on a console in the centre of the boat. In most boats of this type, you can walk from stern to bow without navigating around the console, allowing for easy maneuverability while out on the water. Most centre console boats utilize outboard motors, making them a great option for offshore fishing and many other applications.

2. Cuddy Cabin

If a boat features a sleeping facility, storage, and a covered seating area, it is generally known as a cuddy cabin motorboat. This type of boat is typically 22 to 30 ft long, allowing them to comfortably fit several passengers. While cuddy cabins are often some of the most expensive options on the market, they cannot be beat in terms of comfort for weekend getaways and longer trips.

3. Deck Boat

Vessels with V-shaped hulls and wide beams are known as deck boats. As implied by the name, these boats feature an open deck with plenty of seating room for passengers. These boats are typically 25 to 35 ft long and are widely used for water sports, swimming, and other on-water activities.

4. Pilothouse

Widely regarded as a premium choice for fishing, pilothouse boats are especially popular with anglers. These boats feature a large enclosed cabin on the front half of the vessel and an open area at the back of the vessel. This allows for comfortable and confident navigation while making it easy to fish in open water. Most pilothouse vessels also include a berth and a head, allowing for enhanced comfort on long fishing trips. Pilothouse boats can be anywhere from 20 to 35 ft long, allowing users to select the ideal size for their needs and budget.

5. Jon Boat

Jon boats are small utility craft vessels that are commonly used in shallow water. This type of vessel is typically cheaper than other options, making them a popular choice for many different types of users and shallow-water applications. While Jon boats are commonly propelled with oars, most can be equipped with outboard motors to allow for faster navigation.

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