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What Kind of Fishing Boat Should I Use?

Finding the right kind of recreational fishing boat for your style of fishing is exciting and fun, but it can be difficult to know where to start. At Bridgeview Marine, we provide a wide variety of different types of boats throughout BC, and our experienced staff are always ready to help you find answers to the question “What kind of fishing boat should I use?

Different Types of Fishing Boats

There are many different types of fishing boats out there and they are each suited to different fishing experiences. Before deciding on the type of fishing boat that you should look for, it is important to establish the kind of fishing you will be doing. If fishing is going to be a solo activity, the boat needed will be much smaller than if you intend on going with friends or family members. The type of fish that you intend on pulling up also makes a difference. Trout fishing is usually very doable from a smaller boat, whereas bass or sturgeon will often require a larger vessel.

While there are some types of boats that are very versatile and can traverse deep, choppy water and shallow water, most boats are specialized for a specific type of fishing. If you plan on going offshore fishing, the type of boat you will need will typically have a deeper keel and a wider beam to give the boat better stability. Boats that stay on lakes, ponds, and rivers will often have a flatter hull in order to make travelling over shallow water easier. Some of the different types of fishing boats include:

Skiffs and Jon Boats

Skiffs and Jon boats have flat hulls and are extremely buoyant so that they can sit high in the water. They are extremely good for still lakes and shallow rivers.

Walk Around Boats

Walk around boats have amazing versatility and can be used in all kinds of settings, depending on the model used. They are most commonly used for ocean fishing due to their size.

Centre Console Boats

Centre console boats, which are also often called bay boats, are perfect for fishing in bays, lakes, and rivers. They are able to withstand slightly choppier waters but are also able to move in reasonably shallow water.

If you are interested in finding out more about what kind of fishing boat you should use for the type of fishing you want to do, or if you would like to learn more about the boat trailers, boats or other products that we provide, please contact us or visit the location nearest to you.

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