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What are the Benefits of Outboard Motors?

Getting to understand the benefits of outboard motors can help you determine if they are the best fit for your boating needs. At Bridgeview Marine, we understand how having the right boat engine can make a world of difference on the water. That is why we offer a wide range of marine services and products, including new outboard motors.

The Benefits of Outboard Motors

Some of the main benefits of outboard motors include:

1. Size and Space

While outboard motors often appear to be bulky, the majority of the space they take up is on the outside of the boat, allowing for more room to be used inside the boat. This type of boat engine is especially ideal for smaller boats because it allows for more storage space in the cockpit.

2. Easier Maintenance

Outboard motors are often easier to repair than other types of boat engines because the motor is not in a confined compartment. Outboard motors can also be removed from the boat when they need to undergo repairs, which means less time off the water and less time spent at the mechanic. Compared to other types of boat engines, outboard motors can be used longer without fear of freezing, since the cooling system is completely drained after every use.

3. Greater Maneuverability

While inboard motors often require a bit of a learning curve to operate, outboard motors make docking, backing up, and turning while in reverse a simple process. Outboard motors are also easier to maneuver in shallow waters and can be adjusted or completely lifted to avoid running aground.

4. Lower Speeds

One of the greatest benefits of using an outboard motor is its ability to turn effectively, with or without power. While other types of boat engines only work well when under power, outboard motors can easily maneuver at lower speeds, making docking extremely easy.

5. Portability

Smaller outboard motors can easily be moved from one boat to the next or into storage when not in use. This high level of portability is not an option for other types of boat engines, making outboard motors the ideal choice for many boating applications.

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