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Types of Boat Engines

The engine is a crucial component for every boat, regardless of size, as you would not get very far without it. While the importance of the engine cannot be understated for boats, it can be difficult to determine the differences between each type of boat engine. If you do not sufficiently understand the differences between each type of engine, you could end up making a poor choice for your vessel. That is why the boat engine experts at Bridgeview Marine have compiled some information on the four main types of engines to help you choose the perfect solution.

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Which Type of Boat Engine is Right for You?

Understanding the differences between each type of motor is crucial for making an informed decision for your vessel. The four main types of boat engines include:

1. Outboard

Outboard engines are mounted on the transom and outside the boat hull. These types of engines contain the motor, gearbox, and propeller in one unit, allowing boaters to use them to power and steer their vessel through the water. Boaters can use the hand tiller to steer small boats or use a steering wheel to navigate larger vessels. Outboard engines are often used for water sports, fishing, and general boating applications. These engines are available with 2.5 HP up to 600 HP, allowing you to choose the ideal solution for your vessel.

2. Inboard

As noted by the name, these engines are mounted inside the hull. Inboard engines are generally a four-stroke automotive motor that has been modified to use on a boat. These units contain a rudder that is located behind the propeller, allowing for easy movements using a steering wheel and the creation of predictable waves. These qualities make inboard engines a popular choice for wakeboarders and other water sport enthusiasts. If your vessel requires high horsepower and torque, an inboard engine may be the perfect choice.

3. Sterndrive

Sterndrive engines combine the qualities of outboard and inboard engines, earning them the alternative name of inboard/outboard engines. Sterndrive engines can be mounted inside a boat hull or on the transom, making them a versatile option for many different types of vessels. These engines are most commonly used for pleasure boats or for applications that require higher torque and horsepower.

4. Jet Drive

Jet drive engines are unique units that use the water beneath the boat to propel and steer the vessel. These units use an impeller that has a similar pattern to a propeller, but with a sharper design. This sharper design generates thrust during operation to move the boat forward. Unlike other engines, jet drives do not contain exposed propeller blades. This makes them a great option for shallow water applications.

In addition to the differences listed above, it is crucial to consider the size of your vessel and your fuel delivery system before choosing an engine. To ensure the best possible solution, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional.

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