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Tips for Safe Boating

With the weather heating up, it is a great time to get out on the water. Whether you are spending quality time with your family or going on a fishing trip, it is important to ensure that you have taken all required precautions to stay safe. As leading providers of quality aluminum boats and other boat solutions, the team at Bridgeview Marine understands the importance of safety while on the water. That is why our team has compiled a list of tips for safe boating to ensure that you and your passengers have a great experience.

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Safe Boating Tips

Utilizing the following tips can ensure that you and your family stay safe and have a great time while out on the water:

1. Perform a Pre-Trip Weather and Water Check

Weather conditions greatly impact the safety and comfort of any water excursion. Ensure that you check the weather conditions for the day so that you know what to expect. If conditions are extremely windy or stormy, it is often best to wait for another day. Even if the weather is ideal for boating, it is still important to check the temperature and other conditions to ensure comfort and safety. In addition to weather, it is worth checking the condition of the water you will be boating on. This can be done through numerous smartphone apps and will help you be prepared for harsh currents and low/high tides.

2. Assess the Condition of Your Boat

Before putting your boat into the water, we strongly recommended assessing its condition and performing any required maintenance. Every time you use your boat, ensure that it has plenty of fuel, check the oil, assess the prop nut, and install the drain plug. You should also inspect the hull for any signs of wear and tear, as any significant damage must be repaired before use.

3. Create an On-Board Equipment Checklist

In addition to suitable clothing, fishing rods, bait, fluids, and snacks, there are many things that must be kept on board during a fishing trip or day on the water. These items include life jackets, GPS systems, fire extinguishers, flares, first aid kits, whistles, paddles, tow ropes, communication devices, and a suitable anchor. We recommend creating a checklist to consult so that none of these important items are missed.

To learn more about boating safety or to inquire about our selection of aluminum boats, get in touch with the team at Bridgeview Marine. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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