Used Outboard Motors for Sale in BC

Used Outboard Motors and Boat Engines in Delta, Prince Rupert & Sandspit

If you are thinking about repowering your boat but do not want to invest in a brand-new motor, our selection of used outboard motors and boat engines might be the perfect solution for you. Most of our used boat motors are used engines that come from a number of coastal fishing lodges. Since these motors are only used for one or two seasons and have between 400-1000 hours of use, they are still in premium condition but are available for a fraction of the cost of a new outboard boat motor.

All of our used boat motors come complete with a factory warranty and are quality tested before being placed on the market to ensure that they live up to our high standards. If you are thinking about purchasing a used outboard motor for your boat, check out our selection of available products for sale below. Please also feel free to contact us by calling one of our three locations (Delta, Prince Rupert, and Sandspit) with any questions or concerns you might have. Our team would love to help you find the perfect used outboard motor to repower your boat.

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