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New vs. Used Outboard Boat Motors

If you are looking for an outboard motor for your vessel, it is likely that you have pondered the question: what are the comparative benefits of new vs. used outboard boat motors? At Bridgeview Marine, we sell a variety of outboard motors across British Columbia, and we know the value of buying both new motors and used motors is dependent on budget and circumstance.

Is it Better to Buy a New or Used Boat Motor?

When deciding on the best type of boat motor to purchase, there are many factors that need to be considered. Always consider the size and weight of the motor to make sure that it suits the boat. The output needs to be sufficient to get the vessel moving, but the engine cannot weigh more than the boat has capacity to support. Before looking for a new or used outboard motor, make sure that you have some specifications in mind.

Reasons to Buy a New Boat Motor

When you know exactly what you want in an outboard boat motor, new motors are often the only way to go. It is not always possible to rely on a certain motor’s availability on the used market, but new motors can always be ordered through a local marine shop. By buying new, you can be sure that you get the exact motor to suit your needs. Purchasing a new outboard boat motor also offers the buyer peace of mind. A new motor comes with a full warranty and it will not have ever seen any heavy or improper use.

Benefits of Used Boat Motors

The biggest reason to buy a used boat motor is budget. Used boat motors can often be found for a fraction of the cost of a new boat motor. If you are looking for a replacement motor that does not break the bank, it is worthwhile to buy a used boat engine.

The idea that a used motor might not be protected under warranty is faulty. When purchased from a reputable source, such as Bridgeview Marine, and only used for a short period of time, used outboard motors are often still supported by a remaining factory warranty. Used motors can be an affordable option with very few downsides when properly cared for and vetted for purchase.

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