Mercury 4-stroke outboard boat motors

Commercial Leasing

Commercial Boat Leasing

Commercial leasing provides you with a valuable alternative to purchasing the product. We offer 2 commercial leasing alternatives to fit your qualified needs:

Straight Lease

This is a residual lease offering the lowest monthly payments possible for you, as you only pay for the time the camp/resort/rental operation actually uses the product. The ‘residual’ portion, or unused portion is charged to the purchaser of the product after it is returned from the operator.

Lease to Own

MML offers 3 “Lease to Own” terms,  6, 18, and 30 month lease term. These terms are attractive to camp/resort/rental operators as their payments are in the operators’ revenue generating season, providing a ‘cash flow holiday’ off season.

Unlike the straight lease, the Lease to Own payments, as suggested by the name, pays down the entire capital amount over the term of the lease and the operator owns the product at the end of the lease.

Why Lease a Commercial Boat?

Benefits of Leasing for the Camp/Resort/Rental Operator

Conserves Capital

Preserves Lines of Credit

Eliminates Obsolescence

Hedge Against Inflation

Bridgeview Marine provides a world class boat leasing program, that offers many styles and sizes. If you’re interested in our leasing program, please contact us.

Need further details or have a specific question? Please contact us.