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How to Swap Your Propeller

Propellers, also known as “props”, are crucial parts of nearly every type of boat on the market. As a critical part of the propulsion system, propellers directly affect the performance of boats in any environment. Over time, you may wish to replace your prop due to wear and tear or a change in preference. That is why is important to understand how to swap your propeller correctly. As leading providers of aluminum boats and boat parts, the team at Bridgeview Marine knows how important the propeller is for every boat. That is why our team has provided some information on common signs that it is time to swap your prop and the steps to complete the job properly.

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Signs that You Need to Swap Your Prop

A damaged or broken prop can compromise your safety while on the water. Knowing when to replace your prop is crucial for ensuring optimal performance, safety, and enjoyment. The following are some signs that it may be time to swap your prop:

  • Reduced speed and performance while out on the water.
  • Chips or signs of wear on any of the blades.
  • A damaged or broken propeller shaft seal.
  • The prop is loose or wobbly and constantly needs to be retorqued.
  • The lock-nut retainer is damaged.

Steps to Swap Your Prop

Though it may seem complicated, swapping your propeller is fairly straightforward and only requires a few basic tools. Most propellers can be swapped by following the procedure below:

  1. Position a wooden block by the propeller to prevent it from spinning.
  2. Pry back the locking tabs of the lock-nut retainer.
  3. Use a prop wrench to remove the propeller.
  4. Lubricate the prop shaft and reinstall the thrust washer.
  5. Slide the new prop/hub assembly and the lock-nut retainer onto the prop shaft.
  6. Use the prop wrench to tighten the prop nut.
  7. Use a screwdriver to bend the ears of the lock-nut retainer back into the locked position.
  8. Remove the block and spin the prop by hand to ensure that it can fully rotate 360°.

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