Commercial Partners


Bridgeview Marine strives to be a premium supplier to our commercial clients. Integrity is our commitment. If we promise to do it we will, nothing less should be expected.

Straight lease

Our residual lease offers the lowest monthly payments possible, allowing you to only pay for the time the camp, resort, or rental operation actually uses the product. The “residual” portion, or unused portion, is charged to the purchaser of the product after it is returned from the operator.

Lease to own

Our leasing provider, MML, offers three lease-to-own terms: 6, 18, and 30 month lease terms. These terms are an attractive option for camps, resorts, and rental operators as their payments will be in the operators’ revenue generating season, providing a “cash flow holiday” off season.

Unlike our straight lease option, lease-to-own payments (as suggested by the name) pay down the entire capital amount over the term of the lease so that the operator will own the product at the end.

commercial partners
Why lease a commercial boat?

The benefits of leasing a commercial boat for a camp, resort, or rental operator are:

  • Conserves capital—Making monthly payments over an extended period of time allows you to conserve capital.
  • Preserves lines of credit—Leasing provides you with an alternative to your present line of credit, protection against interest rate changes (your payments will be fixed for the term of the lease), and tax benefits (in most cases, your lease payments will be 100% tax deductible).
  • Eliminates obsolescence—Upgrading before expiry of the lease ensures that you will have up-to-date equipment.
  • Hedge against inflation—The camp hedges against inflation by making payments over the lease period.