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Aluminum Boats for Saltwater Fishing in BC

Choosing the right type of aluminum boat for saltwater fishing in BC can make a world of difference. At Bridgeview Marine, we understand how important it is to have the right aluminum boat for your specific needs. That is why we carry a range of new aluminum boats and used aluminum boats for sale and offer a range of custom aluminum boat services.

Why Choose an Aluminum Boat for Saltwater Fishing?

While fibreglass boats have been the backbone of recreational watercrafts for decades, aluminum has long been recognized as the superior material for building saltwater boats. Aluminum boats are less prone to damage from water hazards like buoys, submerged obstructions, and floating debris and are virtually impervious to fire damage.

Many popular boat brands, such as Marlon and Princecraft, offer a range of aluminum boats that are specifically built to withstand regular exposure to a saltwater environment. These boats are available in a selection of styles and price ranges, depending on whether the boat is intended for use in small bays, commercial harbours, inshore activities, or offshore waters.

Benefits of Aluminum Saltwater Fishing Boats

Some of the main benefits of using an aluminum boat for saltwater fishing in BC include:

1. Greater Affordability

Over the years, new technological advancements in naval architecture and computer controlled milling machines have radically lowered the cost of building a quality aluminum boat. Well-manufactured aluminum boats can often cost 20-50% less than a fibreglass boat of the same length, depending on its onboard features.

2. Better Fishability

When it comes to saltwater fishing, it can be hard to beat using an aluminum boat that has been properly equipped for angling. Thanks to the lighter aluminum design, this type of fishing boat can put you on a bite more economically and usually has more usable room for fishing.

3. Lighter Weight

One of the main benefits of aluminum fishing boats is that they weigh much less than fibreglass boats but are still extremely strong. On the water, this means that the aluminum boat will be able to provide greater fuel efficiency and better overall performance, as well as greater ease of getting the boat on and off the trailer.

How to Protect Your Aluminum Boat from Saltwater Corrosion

One of the downsides to using aluminum boats for saltwater fishing is the possibility of electrolysis, which can cause rapid corrosion. Electrolysis, which is usually caused by two different types of adjoining metals coming in continuous contact with saltwater, can be dealt with by applying a state-of-the-art polymeric coating on the boat. This coating will bond chemically with the aluminum, protecting the hull and other surfaces from corrosion.

If you would like to learn more about aluminum boats for saltwater fishing in BC, or if you are interested in one of our marine services or boat and motor parts, please contact Bridgeview Marine at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.

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